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Oct 29, 2012 6:00pm PDT
for local emergency crews to get to them. so they had to mobilize national guard units to get those people out of their homes. things got so dangerous they had to pull the personnel back. so there were a couple hundred people still in their homes on the bay side of the city. the governor said it's a situation they will have to monitor and first thing in the morning at first light respond to and try to get those people out. not far from here just a couple blocks, one of the city's last resort shelters a guard unit went in there and pulled those people out and took them to atlantic city high school. so the shelters that were kept if place drawing criticism. chris christie's statement was there shouldn't have been shelters open here on the island. the winds are still coming ashore here. and we really won't know what kind of damage has taken place inside the city proper. i'm chris kato reporting for wcau. >> what he was explaining was cutting out of some of the time because we have a live shot in the middle of the storm about the controversy over those shelters. the the contrast is between the
Oct 30, 2012 1:00am PDT
16 people have died. more than 7 million people have been plunged into the dark and local officials have been stunned by the damage and devastation. good tuesday morning. i'm chris jansing reporting live from new york and parts of new york city are underwater this morning. the images from lower manhattan shows cars half submerged. tunnels, subways and the financial district flooded. all of lower manhattan is in the dark. some of those outages caused by a con ed substation that exploded overnight. more than 1.5 million have lost power across new york city, long island and westchester. now we also want to show you these pictures from breezy point, queens, at least 50 homes have been destroyed by fire. further east at least seven homes on fire island have fallen into the ocean. atlantic city, new jersey, took the full force of sandy when it came ashore around 8:00 last night. people that defied an evacuation order are trapped there now. roads are impassable. serious damage is being reported in several beach communities from point pleasant to seaside heights. rescues are under way in be
Oct 1, 2012 9:00pm PDT
's working for the local county clerk and that she can only sign up republicans. she does not appear to be working for the clerk. she does appear to sign up just republicans. in nevada the firm is accused of tearing up the form of someone who wanted to register as a democrat. >> in a statement given to the secretary of state's office, the witness demanded to fill out another form and when she marked democrat he told her to rip it up and fill out another form and leave party affiliation blank. we got this picture. >> one employee of this firm in florida says that he was told to ask people who they supported. if the answer was mitt romney, he was supposed to sign them up. if not, well, then not. in virginia after the republican firm campusers were fishing for voters, one official felt compelled to remind them that you can't throw out forms because you do not like the party registration of the voter. the reason it's illegal in lots of states to pay canvassers per registration is it creates an incentive to make up fake people that register to vote so they can get paid for those registrat
Oct 30, 2012 6:00pm PDT
-affected areas. new jersey, new york in particular have been pounded by this storm. this is mostly a local responsibility and the private utilities are going to have to lean forward, but we are doing everything we can to provide them additional resources so that we can expedite getting power up and running in many of these communities. there are places like newark, new jersey, where you have 80% of the people without power. we can't have a situation where that lasts for days on end. and so my instructions to the federal agency has been do not figure out why we can't do something. i want you to figure out how we do something. >> the president referencing 80-90% of people without power. saying we can't have a situation where that lasts for days on end. that was the president this afternoon. new reports within the past hour that some of the president's wish there may have come true. the mayor of newark, new jersey, will be join iing us later this hour on that subject. places like newark, new jersey, and jersey city and places entering into uncharted territory, not just flooding, but widesprea
Oct 29, 2012 9:00pm PDT
that local 911 operators have been overwhelmed getting 10,000 calls in half an hour. ten times the normal number. one of the most critical situations that they're dealing with right now involves a big hospital here in new york. that's the nyu langone medical center. 215 patients, even as we speak, from adult critical care, pediatric critical care, neonatal intensive care, all being evacuated out of that hospital, moved to nearby facilities because the backup generator at nyu went down. let's get a check of the latest. let's go back to nbc news meteorologist bill karins. bill, what have you got for us? >> these things are going to continue to develop through the night but all the big issues that were caused in the new york city area was because of the high tide, the historic, epic if you want to call it that high tide. the only reason they use epic is that's never happened before. we shattered the previous record high tide we had in 1960 with donna. that's why new yorksy we're talking so much about it, not because we're here. if it was any other city in the country this would have been a h
Oct 8, 2012 9:00pm PDT
the later you change the rules before an election, the more pressure that puts on local elections officials to accommodate those rules. they have to publicize the hours, have the machines ready, the voters have to know when to vote. that's it the job of the elections board. ohio has had early voting for everyone since 2005. the secretary of state was already trying to get them to change from something they had been doing. now he's making it so they won't know what they will be able to do and whether they will go back to the way it used to work since 2005 or whether they will have shorter hours. he's making it so the local elections boards will not know any of those things until as late as possible. putting it on county officials less than a month before the election. this is nuts. this has not been a normal year for ohio elections boards. ohio republicans first tried to cut early voting in half. when they failed at half, the same three days when african-american churches like to car pool down to the polling place. the sunday before the election. nearly 100,000 people voted in those days. a
Oct 26, 2012 1:00am PDT
doughnuts to some local firefighters, ultimately. a few hours after that, there he was in richmond, virginia, firing up an -- look at the size of the crowd. an estimated crowd of 15,000 people who turned out on a thursday afternoon in richmond, virginia, to hear him speak. the president's final campaign appearance of the day came just a short time ago in cleveland, ohio. and once this swing state is done tonight it's not like this is it for the president in terms of its campaign blitz. the campaign announced joint rallies on monday with president obama and former president bill clinton in orlando, florida, in youngstown, ohio, and print william county, virginia. those will all be on monday. they're apparently going to keep up the sprint from there. in terms of the state of the race right now, we have new nbc news polling numbers out tonight. the new nbc news/marist poll shows in the great state of colorado the race right now is tied. and in nearby nevada, president obama is up by three points in the new nbc poll. new polls from the democratic leaning group ppp show in virginia president obam
Oct 9, 2012 9:00pm PDT
came earlier that same day in an interview with an award-winning local report from flint, michigan. terry camp, and mr. camp introduced his interview like this. >> i wanted to ask him about the gun violence in our cities. cities like flint and saginaw. let's listen in, this did not end well. >> gun violence and gun policy have not been big issues in the presidential campaign thus far and that probably makes sense. the president's record is signing a bill that allowed people to carry guns in national parks and another allowing people to carry guns on amtrak. which might come in handy when you decide to go hunting in the quiet car. it's not been a policy focus of this it president. and because of that, it's not been contested ground in the presidential race thus far. despite that, though, this reporter really wanted to ask paul ryan about gun violence. and it makes sense. last year flint, michigan, was ranked the most violent city in the united states of america. today 70 miles south in detroit, police staged a rally telling people to enter of detroit at their own risk. police saying
Oct 15, 2012 6:00pm PDT
behind this amazing interview. this amazing interview that i'm about to show you from the local fox station in fargo, north dakota. these are the stills from the tape that you're about to see. and yes, that is a chair on fire. it's meant to convey the hot seat idea. other than that it is an immaterial piece of context. >> i didn't abts pat i would be answering this question when the campaign started but seeing how it became an issue in missouri, i know the on the abortion issue, you're pro life. would you allow any exceptions. >> my position is pretty clear. i'm pro life. i'm concerned about the unborn and people that can't take care of themselves so i'm pro life. i would make an exception for the life of the mother. >> you would not make an exception for rape? >> no. >> why would you force a woman who has been raped to have to have that baby? >> you know, like i said jim, my position is pro-life. and i care about the unborn. and i feel, you know, that's really where we should be in our policy. >> what would the appropriate sentence be if abortion was illegal and a woman did have an
Oct 24, 2012 1:00am PDT
is at the top of that pooped out website, the republican secretary of state, he received a letter from local election officials around his state. the colorado county clerk's association wrote to mr. gessler to sound an alarm over what they called a series of errors and oversights by his office. the clerk said they were not sure exactly how to print the ballots this year. they had not been advised of how to do that. they expressed concerns about the way a voter registration melee had been handled. they said they were quite worried about the online registration system that had lost hundreds of registrations because then what happens when the trusting would-be voter shows up at the polls thinking he or she registered but the system ate it. after the deadline, the clerks were facing a back log of 45,000 new registrations, many of them from the last day that you could register. in colorado, this is just the view from here, but your election system looks like kind of a mess this year. and it's not like we didn't see it coming. republican secretary of state scott gessler started making headlines la
Oct 12, 2012 6:00pm PDT
threats made known to the local police about this specific incident? any politically relevant threats that had been reported either physical threats or verbal threats? >> no. not that i'm aware of. like i said, this is the only incident, it sounds like it's an isolated incident with the one shot being fired into the structure. as far as i know, there has not been any threats. >> one last question for you, detective. i understand that this was on west 9th avenue near akoma street in denver. tell us what that neighborhood is like. is that a relatively densely populated urban area or sort of a spread out spot? >> it has -- there's, you know, folks that actually live -- it's off of, like, santa fe and 9th avenue. we do have a lot of different businesses. it's a popular area. a lot of art studios. so there's just a variety of people that do live in the area. >> but this is not the -- >> and have businesses in the area. >> sorry to interrupt you there. this is not a neighborhood where you've frequently had to deal with sort of stray bullets and people, and gunfire being associated with othe
Oct 18, 2012 6:00pm PDT
present for i.d. is your voting registration card. issued by your local county. your voter registration card comes on a form that includes a lot of information about the election. like you see here. important election dates. then it says, november 6th, 2012. which, of course, is the really important election date. now, there are lots of americans who speak spanish in arizona, and so the voter registration card form is also written in spanish. and then what does it say is the date for the election day? the spanish part of it, oh, noviembre. it says in english the election is november 6th, but in spanish it says november 8th. two days of the election. seriously? this dark political art comes courtesy of the elections office for maricopa county, arizona, in phoenix, the most populist county in arizona by far. more people in the state live there than anywhere else in the state. in maricopa county the elections department handed out in their office voter registration cards with the wrong date for voting in spanish only. they say they're not sure how many voters got this wrong information. ma
Oct 27, 2012 3:00am PDT
. these further comments made by richard mourdock today in an interview with the local nbc affiliate in terre haute. watch. >> if a woman were to be raped would you vote for a law that would make them have that baby because that baby is a gift from god? >> my point of view all along, i've had this position for many years, the only exception i have for abortion is the life of the mother. >> what if it were a 13-year-old girl who were raped and impregnated. would you vote to make sure that in those situations you would make the girl have the baby? >> you can start throwing all kinds of hypotheticals out there. i've made my statement. >> wow. he's made his statement. and he's one of at least 12 republican senate candidates this year who would make that same statement. which it turns out has political consequences. more on that coming up. arian! yeah, i might have ears like a rabbit... but i want to eat meat! [ male announcer ] iams knows dogs love meat. ...but most dry foods add plant protein, like gluten iams never adds gluten. iams adds 50% more animal protein, [ dog 2 ] look at me! i'm a lean
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 62 (some duplicates have been removed)